How to determine the price of used car in Dubai

How to determine the price of used cars in Dubai

Determining the right price of a used car can be challenging in the UAE. Cars are abundant in the UAE and the fancier cars are sold for cheaper prices. If you would like to determine the price of your used cars for sale or purchase, start with the following checklist to tips that can help you estimate the price of any used car in the emirate of Dubai.

Compare Listings of your car model online:

One of the first things in your course of action is to find online listings of used cars that are similar to your model. It is very likely that you will find tens if not hundreds of same model cars for sale along with price the sellers are asking for. This will give you a fairly close price estimate of the used car you have in your mind. You can browse through Melltoo Used Cars in UAE and find the listing by hundreds of sellers and the price they are asking for. You can even ask them questions via online chat feature that the app allows.

Car Mileage:

After you get a rough idea of the price range a used car is in, the next step is to check the mileage of the car. The model and year of the car could be same but their mileage can be a lot different especially if one of the car is used by a person commuting within Dubai city and one going to other emirates on a daily basis which a lot of people do as they live in Dubai because of housing rent differences and work in a different emirate. For instance if two cars with same model and year of manufacture are driven 50,000 kilometers and 120,000 kilometers, then the life of second car is definitely less and same is the case with the price.

Used Car Dealers:

If you would like to deal with freelance car dealers, there are a number of them on the Melltoo app. They are selling a number of cars from different models and of different ages. Some may allow you first hand experience of the used car model you have in your mind and can even test-drive them to get the feel of the car. If you do not wish to buy through a dealer but rather than an independent car owner, you can start talking with them and negotiating for a specific used car model can give you a quite close and fair price estimate. The car dealers mostly purchase vehicles that are in good condition and sale it with some profit.

Used car loans

If you buy a car from an individual, you need to secure your own credit with a personal loan (15% rate). If you have just came to Dubai, you will need to wait few months after your start your new job to apply for a loan.

Our latest listings

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