10 Most Expensive Dubai Traffic Fines

10 Most Expensive Dubai Traffic Fines

Dubai is one of the safest cities in the Middle East and the world. The crime rate is insignificant. However, due to crowdedness, the accidents rate and traffic law violation are not so insignificant.

The Dubai police force take Dubai traffic rules quite seriously. For every traffic offence (e.g. racing, driving under the influence of alcohol or failure to fasten seat belt while driving), Dubai police has a system of penalty which is a mix of fines, black points, Vehicle confiscation or, as the worse case, imprisonment.

Can foreigners drive in Dubai

In order to drive in Dubai, residents must have an UAE driver license after they convert their own national driver license. Tourists from the EU, US, Canada, Australia and Japan can drive with their national driver license.

What are black points

The Dubai Police force has a unique system of black points for every traffic violation. Once the black points exceed 24 within a year, the traffic offender’s vehicle is automatically confiscated for 3 months, 6 months or 12 months depending upon the number of times the violation occurred during the course of one year. Legally the black points are accrued to the owner of the vehicle who has the option of transferring them to the driver if he was not driving the vehicle at that point of time. Recently, the Dubai police started offering the traffic rule offenders the chance to attend 4 lectures on road safety to tick off 8 black points off their list.

General Traffic Rules

Penalties for Driving While Drunk

In order to ensure that the roads are free of accidents and mishaps, Dubai police road force has adopted a policy of “Zero Alcohol limit” while driving. In strictly legal terms, this translates as 24 black points, a court order and imprisonment up to 6 months when driving under the influence of alcohol. Similarly exceeding the speed limit of 60km/hour can leave you with a fine of 2000 AED and confiscation of your vehicle up to 30 days.

Fine for Driving on the Hard Shoulder

The Dubai police allows the use of hard shoulder only to rest or drive while using the mobile. This is to avoid blocking the police vehicles and ambulances. Overtaking on a hard shoulder is strictly prohibited. Motorists can be fined up to 600 AEDand one month imprisonment.

Fine for Parking in Illegal Spaces

The Dubai police road force arranges parking spaces allotted for every need and emergency. For instance apart from the usual free and chargeable parking space near hotels, malls and supermarkets there are special parking spaces allotted for ambulances and people with special needs. There are also other specific places earmarked as Fire hydrant. Parking in any of these is deemed illegal and the vehicle is towed away. Fine may extend up to 1000 AED and an accumulation of 4 Black points.

Dubai Traffic Fines for Accidents

Do you know Dubai police considers absconding a serious offense especially when the absconder happens to be a person who has caused death or serious injury to other person? The Dubai traffic fines in both cases are decided by the court and can cause the driver’s vehicle to be confiscated for almost a period of 3 months and 6 months respectively.

The most expensive Dubai traffic fines 

If you are planning to cruise along the glittering roads of Dubai, let there not be a drop of alcohol in your blood and make sure that you respect all those special parking spaces and hard shoulders.

Not covering loads of trucks 3,000 AED
A leaking load 3,000 AED
Racing or driving dangerously 2,000 AED
Reckless Driving 2,000 AED
Parking in fire hydrant spaces or parking spaces allotted for people with special needs and/or ambulances 1,000  AED
Exceeding the highest speed limit by not more than 60Km/hour 900 AED
Exceeding the highest speed limit by not more than 50Km/hour 800 AED
Exceeding the highest speed limit by not more than 50Km/hour 700 AED
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10 Most Expensive Dubai Traffic Fines
Dubai Police Force imposes and applies strict traffic laws to ensure the city is safe. This is a list of Dubai traffic law violation and 10 most expensive Dubai traffic fines