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Top Fuel-Efficient Cars For Sale in UAE

UAE drivers who travel back and forth every day to a different Emirate are switching to fuel-efficient vehicles due to fuel expenses. Fuel expenses are squeezing their paychecks significantly. Below are some of the most fuel-efficient cars for sale in UAE for your daily inter-emirate commute.

Ford Fiesta ECOnetic:

Ford Fiesta ECOnetic is Ford’s most fuel-efficient car ever built. By driving this car, you are also adding your part in fighting global warming as it emits only 87 grams of CO2 per kilometer. By adding 20 AED worth of fuel the car can travel up to 422 kilometers. Other features include pin sharp handling and nice soft elegant interior. The Ford Fiesta Econetic retails in the UAE at $15,000.

Hyundai i20 1.1 CRDi:

This hatchback from Hyundai offers a significant refined and calm driving experience. This beautifully designed car is equipped with technology that helps the driver when the road surface changes and also warns other drivers in emergency braking scenarios. Hyundai i20 can travel a distance of up to 436 kilometers when 20 AED worth of fuel is added to the car. The car retails in the UAE at 28,000-34,000 AED.

Peugeot 308 Blue HDi:

Peugeot is a champion in this list of fuel-efficient cars as it can do a staggering 450 kilometers on 20 AED worth of fuel. The car offers a small steering wheel that make driving not only practical but fun as well. You can easily drop back seats with the help of release levels and can enjoy 1,775 liters of carrying capacity. The car currently retails in the UAE at different prices right now from 40,000 to 60,000 AED.

Volkswagen Golf Blue Motion:

Another fuel-efficient car to the list is Golf BlueMotion from Volkswagen. The car covers a distance of about 436 kilometers with 20 AED worth of fuel. Golf BlueMotion offers stylish interior and impressive use of space for days when you are going out to picnic with family. The car retails in the UAE for 40,000+ AED.

Renault Clio 1.5 dCi:

Clio from Renault is not only fuel-efficient but also capable of ultra low carbon emissions of 83 grams per kilometer. The dashboard of the car is made very modern with sleek seven inches touch screen display. Space wise you can enjoy 1,146 liters of capacity with rear seats folded. It is capable of achieving about 436 kilometers of distance in fuel worth 20 AED. This car currently retails at £14,000 or ~80,000 AED.
How To Prepare Your Used Car For Sale in The UAE

Where to Look for these Models:
If you are opting for environment friendly and fuel-efficient cars or want to sell your car, download Melltoo Cars For Sale in UAE mobile app and look for selected models available for sale by individuals just like you. You can chat real time with sellers about the vehicle and can ask any question you may have.

Our latest listings: Used Cars for Sale in Dubai

Jeep Wrangler 2009 – 55,000 AED
Toyota Previa – 20,000 AED
Honda Civi – 14,000 AED
Toyata Land Cruiser 2008 – 75,000 AED
Nissan Pathfinder 2004 – 23,000 AED

How to determine the price of used cars in Dubai

Determining the right price of a used car can be challenging in the UAE. Cars are abundant in the UAE and the fancier cars are sold for cheaper prices. If you would like to determine the price of your used cars for sale or purchase, start with the following checklist to tips that can help you estimate the price of any used car in the emirate of Dubai.

Compare Listings of your car model online:

One of the first things in your course of action is to find online listings of used cars that are similar to your model. It is very likely that you will find tens if not hundreds of same model cars for sale along with price the sellers are asking for. This will give you a fairly close price estimate of the used car you have in your mind. You can browse through Melltoo Used Cars in UAE and find the listing by hundreds of sellers and the price they are asking for. You can even ask them questions via online chat feature that the app allows.

Car Mileage:

After you get a rough idea of the price range a used car is in, the next step is to check the mileage of the car. The model and year of the car could be same but their mileage can be a lot different especially if one of the car is used by a person commuting within Dubai city and one going to other emirates on a daily basis which a lot of people do as they live in Dubai because of housing rent differences and work in a different emirate. For instance if two cars with same model and year of manufacture are driven 50,000 kilometers and 120,000 kilometers, then the life of second car is definitely less and same is the case with the price.

Used Car Dealers:

If you would like to deal with freelance car dealers, there are a number of them on the Melltoo app. They are selling a number of cars from different models and of different ages. Some may allow you first hand experience of the used car model you have in your mind and can even test-drive them to get the feel of the car. If you do not wish to buy through a dealer but rather than an independent car owner, you can start talking with them and negotiating for a specific used car model can give you a quite close and fair price estimate. The car dealers mostly purchase vehicles that are in good condition and sale it with some profit.

Used car loans

If you buy a car from an individual, you need to secure your own credit with a personal loan (15% rate). If you have just came to Dubai, you will need to wait few months after your start your new job to apply for a loan.

Our latest listings

Chevrolet Trail Plazer 2009 (240,000 KM; 28,000 AED)
Chevrolet Captiva 2007 (150,000 KM; 36,500 AED)
Lexus 2008 (118,000 KM; 62,000 AED)
Porsche Panemera V8 S (50,000 KM; 205,000 AED)
BMW X3 2006 (50,000 KM; 38,000 AED)

Download Melltoo Market to list your car for sale and study market price of your used car. Send us a chat to our chat admin or our user support (ahmedmedien) if you need assistance.

Tips for buying a used car in the UAE

If you are looking to save cash, it is a great idea to go for a used car. Great. Now that you’ve made up your mind, you also need to make sure you do not get ripped off. This is our expert checklist to buying a used car in the UAE without getting ripped off.

Inspecting the Exterior

Believe it or not, you won’t be able to tell whether a vehicle has been in an accident or not at first glance. It is only upon careful inspection that you will be able to tell. Stay away from cars that have been in a collision or crash. Or at least expect a big discount if buying. However, small scratches and dents that may occur in parking lots don’t matter that much.

To make sure that the car is accident free, look at and feel the edges of the joints to see if there is an additional layer of paint done. If the chassis of the car is modified, walk away from it as it very likely will not pass vehicle inspections  by the RTA in the UAE.

Rusty Areas

If the car you are looking to buy is more than five years old, look for rust, as this is a clear sign that the car is not properly maintained. Since the weather of the UAE is hot the bodywork can rust if not serviced regularly. Some dealers may cover up the rust with paint but by examining carefully, you will see the signs of corrosion underneath.

Consider the Climate

You might come across dashing imported vehicles while you are browsing and might fall in love but remember you will be driving those vehicles on UAE roads and the climate plays a big role here. Driving cars that are made for colder climates in the UAE can create a number of problems for the car and for your pocket as well.

Last but certainly not least, make sure you check for any traffic tickets associated with the vehicle since fines have to be cleared before you renew the registration and other documents. Make sure these are cleared before  you pay up and take possession of the car. You can also check it online by entering the vehicle registration number on the Dubai Police Website.

Where to Buy

People in the UAE use online websites to list and sell their cars. For the best deals, look for a car that is listed by an expat who is leaving the country and wants to sell his vehicle as soon as possible. Melltoo’s Used Cars Apps (UAE, Qatar, Saudi, etc.) is a great place to buy used cars from everyday people like you. We value trust and have salient features like online chat and flag buttons to separate good sellers from potentially bad ones. Our customer support handles each flagged user case carefully and make sure the buying and selling experience is hassle free and a win-win for every party involved.

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