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Top Fuel-Efficient Cars For Sale in UAE

UAE drivers who travel back and forth every day to a different Emirate are switching to fuel-efficient vehicles due to fuel expenses. Fuel expenses are squeezing their paychecks significantly. Below are some of the most fuel-efficient cars for sale in UAE for your daily inter-emirate commute.

Ford Fiesta ECOnetic:

Ford Fiesta ECOnetic is Ford’s most fuel-efficient car ever built. By driving this car, you are also adding your part in fighting global warming as it emits only 87 grams of CO2 per kilometer. By adding 20 AED worth of fuel the car can travel up to 422 kilometers. Other features include pin sharp handling and nice soft elegant interior. The Ford Fiesta Econetic retails in the UAE at $15,000.

Hyundai i20 1.1 CRDi:

This hatchback from Hyundai offers a significant refined and calm driving experience. This beautifully designed car is equipped with technology that helps the driver when the road surface changes and also warns other drivers in emergency braking scenarios. Hyundai i20 can travel a distance of up to 436 kilometers when 20 AED worth of fuel is added to the car. The car retails in the UAE at 28,000-34,000 AED.

Peugeot 308 Blue HDi:

Peugeot is a champion in this list of fuel-efficient cars as it can do a staggering 450 kilometers on 20 AED worth of fuel. The car offers a small steering wheel that make driving not only practical but fun as well. You can easily drop back seats with the help of release levels and can enjoy 1,775 liters of carrying capacity. The car currently retails in the UAE at different prices right now from 40,000 to 60,000 AED.

Volkswagen Golf Blue Motion:

Another fuel-efficient car to the list is Golf BlueMotion from Volkswagen. The car covers a distance of about 436 kilometers with 20 AED worth of fuel. Golf BlueMotion offers stylish interior and impressive use of space for days when you are going out to picnic with family. The car retails in the UAE for 40,000+ AED.

Renault Clio 1.5 dCi:

Clio from Renault is not only fuel-efficient but also capable of ultra low carbon emissions of 83 grams per kilometer. The dashboard of the car is made very modern with sleek seven inches touch screen display. Space wise you can enjoy 1,146 liters of capacity with rear seats folded. It is capable of achieving about 436 kilometers of distance in fuel worth 20 AED. This car currently retails at £14,000 or ~80,000 AED.
How To Prepare Your Used Car For Sale in The UAE

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Jeep Wrangler 2009 – 55,000 AED
Toyota Previa – 20,000 AED
Honda Civi – 14,000 AED
Toyata Land Cruiser 2008 – 75,000 AED
Nissan Pathfinder 2004 – 23,000 AED

Used cars with the best Resale values in UAE

Car Resale Value UAE


Nobody buys a car expecting to keep it forever, especially in the UAE where people move regularly. From the moment you buy a new vehicle and start to drive it, it begins depreciating in value. The depreciation of used cars in the UAE is therefore an important consideration when choosing a car.


A lot of people forget that the real cost of a car is not what you pay for it when you first buy it. It’s what you lose when you sell it. Look at the example below:


>> Daihatsu Sirion vs. Mercedes C200 <<


Daihatsu Sirion
Buy 40,000 AED
Sell 25,000 AED (after 1 year)
Cost = 15,000 AED (for 1 year)


Mercedes C200
Buy 100,000 AED
Sell 89,000 AED (after 1 year)
Cost = 11,000 AED (for 1 year)


>> Cheaper car = Mercerdes C200 <<


If you buy a Daihatsu Sirion for 40,000 AED and sell it for 25,000 AED after 1 year, the Sirion effectively cost you 15,000 AED to drive for the year. If you buy a Mercedes C200 for 100 AED and sell it a year later for 89 AED, that car cost you 11 AED to drive. In this case, the Mercedes C200 is actually CHEAPER than the Sirion.


With that in mind, here is a list of the cars that have the best resale value in the UAE:

(The values in parentheses represent the percentage of the original retail price that the vehicle can be sold for after 3 years & 5 years)

  1. 2013 Toyota Corolla (78% & 62%)- Current Market value  at AED 62,000
  2. 2013 Honda Civic EXi (76% & 62%)- Current Market value at AED 70,000
  3. 2013 Lexus ES 350 (73% & 57%)- Current Market value at AED 169,000
  4. 2013 Hyundai Genesis (71% & 55%) – Current Market value at AED 130,000
  5. 2013 Toyota Camry (67% & 54%) – Current Market Value at AED 82,000
  6. 2013 Honda CRV (67% & 52%) – Current Market value at AED 85,000
  7. 2013 Ford Edge (65% & 49%) – Current Market value at AED 134,000
  8. 2013 Chevrolet Cruze (64% & 47.5%) – Current Market Value at AED 52,000
  9. 2013 Infiniti QX80 (62.5% & 46%) – Current Market Value at AED 175,000
  10. 2013 Mazda 6 (62% & 44%) –  Current Market Value at AED 60,000

So there you have it, with the Toyota Camry 2013 proving the most economical and cost efficient so far. Want to know more about these cars, check out this great article on the 10 best cars with resale value in UAE by Suhail Ajmal. 

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